Big Engine Update

I just uploaded Version 1.1 of Blobby Tennis and while it doesn't change anything relevant to the actual gameplay or look of the game, I made some major improvements to the game engine:

* The game now supports a wider range of graphics cards (DirectX12 Feature Level 11.0 and better, which means any DirectX12 compatible graphics card should be able to start the game)
* The preview window can now be scaled and switched to fullscreen without issues, making recording high quality videos possible
* Massive performance improvements (It is about twice as fast than it was on my system!)
* Fixed some potential crashes

I also looked into adjusting supersampling at runtime, but it looks like there is currently an issue with the combination of SteamVR, DirectX12 and the Oculus composer causing a crash. The default 8x multisampling should make it unnecessary anyway.

Thanks for playing!

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Jun 26, 2017

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