Blobby Tennis supports macOS!

I finally ported Blobby Tennis to macOS, making it one of the first SteamVR games for macOS!

It requires a Vive and SteamVR and either a strong dedicated or an external GPU. My MacBooks AMD Pro 460 is the minimum it requires to keep consistent 90fps.

I had do make some tradeoffs for performance compared to the windows version:

  • 4x MSAA instead of 8x MSAA
  • No preview window (the window compositor took randomly too much time every couple of frames)

The performance on windows should also have improved a bit due to more optimizations. Also the SteamVR supersampling setting can now be adjusted with realtime feedback, without requiring a restart of the game.

Let me know if you encounter any issues!

Files 30 MB
Version 1 Oct 07, 2017 30 MB
Version 1 Oct 07, 2017

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