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Stevelettes Lab

Due to CLIMATE CHANGE mankind is facing a lot of challenges in the near future. This game tells the story of the last scientist "Stevelette", who tries to design the perfect life: the Stevelet. She is accomplishing her goal by tinkering with her experiments DNA using the CRISPR/Cas-method. Stevelets gain abilities that they need in order to survive the harsh environment on the surface of our destroyed planet. This mission is of utmost importance so that they can repair the damage mankind inflicted upon earth...

Stevelettes Lab is a singleplayer VR-game. The goal is to repair and manipulate the Stevelets DNA so they are able to reach the goal.

Made in 48 hours at GGJ2020 with a Team of 6.

Install instructions

This game is made for Oculus Quest and should be sideloaded using SideQuest. It also works on Windows with and without most VR headsets.


StevelettesLab.zip 20 MB
stevelettes-lab.apk 54 MB

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